Friday, December 6, 2013

fear & loathing in provo, utah


I've been taking a poetry class from Lance Larsen at BYU for the past semester, and yesterday was my final workshop (aka everyone gets to say what they hate about your writing and also about your personality). So I'm posting the piece I submitted, and I also just want you all to know how much I agonized over this stupid dumb poem for, like, two weeks and about how I had crippling writer's block and everything I wrote was garbage and I even considered stealing the first line from Addy's latest poem because it is beautiful beautiful beautiful. But somehow I managed to scrape together this little beast and my class was fairly gracious about it even though they all basically said "you're really weird but this poem was okay, I guess". So, whatever forever, here it is and thanks for reading it and you're all super bitchin'.

Also, I have about 200 half-drafts of regular posts about things like living with people you don't like and trying to combat girl-hate and about how I've been crying about the real actual F I'm getting this semester at college and also a sermon of my emotions about Neil Gaiman (my personal savior), so I'll try to finish them and post them and blah blah blah blah blah. I think this is the end of the post.

"If you have one appetite, he thought, you have them all." (Louise Gl├╝ck)
-Avery Jalaine