Friday, July 22, 2011

black friday: last day of work at nickelodeon

Today is my last day of work at Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

I feel like bawling and eating a lot.

Did it happen? Has it been a month?

Things I'll Miss About Nickelodeon:

1. Having an uber-futuristic passcard badge on a Nickelodeon lanyard that I use to gain access to "Authorized Personel Only" zones like some kind of spy.

2. Free Sprite, bagels, peanut butter, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the kitchen, up for grabs 24/7. (Obviously I've gained 1,000 pounds). And donuts on Monday/Friday.

3. The mushroom-shaped ice from the machine.

4. My cubicle, for some reason. Even though it's a dungeon-hole.

5. My fake 20-something boyfriend who wears chunky black-framed glasses and uses a mug with a mustache on it.*

6. Bonnie + Cheyenne, the interns that oversee our get-togethers and wellbeing. They're funny and Cheyenne is from Canada. (Which is why we celebrated Canada Day patriotically on July 1st.)

7. The supply closet, from which I am very tempted to thieve office supplies from.

8. Saying "Howdy!" to Don, our famous door-greeter. A fine fellow.

9. Getting paid for eating bagels at my desk and using StumbleUpon.

10. The funky decor in the studio. Like the green mirrors and the slime staircase and the crazy colored walls and the green fountain and the weird couches and the Lego Spongebob.

11. My friends - Halie, Jasmine, Madison, and Robby - who I think I love more than everyone else. They're silly and nice and laugh at my jokes and email me Harry Potter things and use bad language and I love it. I love them. I wish I could take them back to Utah.

12. Taking pictures that are dumb and mildly embarrassing in Robby's cubicle on his iMac.

13. Pretending to have a purpose when I walk around at work aimlessly.

14. My work email. (

15. Everything.

I'm getting very sentimental and weepy today. I say things like "this is the last time I'll sit in this swivel chair" or "this is the last time I'll use this Sprite machine". It's disgusting, really, but it's how I am about stuff like this.

But it isn't the end. I don't think it can be.

*And now, a real live portion of thrilling and emotional dialogue between Avery and Fake Boyfriend:

Avery: 'Classy mustache mug, sir.'

Fake Boyfriend: 'Oh, umm...'

Smashing, yes?

See you soon.
-Avery Jalaine

p.s. Oh, and I missed the Decemberists yesterday which made me really depressed, but then the universe wanted to mock me, so I drove through Valencia yesterday ("O Valencia!" irony, evil) and then I drove past a sign that said "The Decemberists In Concert August 12th". Oh, but I'll be in Utah by then. Dangit.) Clearly someone up there thinks my life is very humorous.

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