Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sweet cash dollarz

Tomorrow morning I have a financial meeting with Mark Taylor, the head of production for Nickelodeon Animation Studios and basically the boss of everyone. I'm supposed to come up with some money-type questions about my paycheck and spending and the likes.

These are the questions I've invented thus far, in case you ever need them around the head of a large corporation:

1. Is there any way I could make more money but do less work?

2. How much money does the average hobo make in a year?

3. Do you know of any places that sell 1970's sweaters for cheap?

My real hopes lie on question #3.

What to do if there's an axe-murderer in your car: scream.

-Avery Jalaine


  1. Huzzah! You wonderful, wonderful girl!

  2. What if there's an axe-murderer in your car and he says, "Ieem een yurrr carrr..."?

  3. You say: "Get out of my car, Zack Taylor."

  4. Anonymous16.7.11

    Zombie Girrrl again. I'm hiding from Blogger. So far so good, I haven't signed in in over two weeks. :P


    For a split second there I was horribly jealous. I thought you were going to see Mumford & Sons.

    Great advice, BTW. That's exactly what I would do. (In regards to the axe murderer, I mean. As for finances, I would ask what percent of my annual earnings should be invested in chocolate. Or you could just watch John Green's vlog which explains how your summer job can become incredibly lucrative through the mathematical magic that is compound interest.)


Oh thanks. You're pretty.