Wednesday, July 6, 2011

shhh, this is a covert operation

Hello, loved ones. It kind of seems like I haven't posted anything in a year (it's been 12 days).

That's because my life is sort of void of free time, much less blogging time, right now. Because of work (8 hours a day) and fratenizing with animation business people (1 hour) and sleeping (6 or 7 hours). I'm working on Penguins of Madagascar (6 Emmy's, oh baby!) right now, but I'm using "work" in the loosest, most objective interpretation of the word. Since I mostly spin around in my swivel chair and watch animatics of Penguins and get paid for it. It's fine.

I'll tell you more about work later, because I'm being very sneaky and blogging at work right now and will probably have to log off super soon, like when someone walks by and waves at me but I get paranoid and think that they're going to come check up on my "work".

Here's an interesting (read: humiliating) story that happened to me (of course it happened to me; because as a whole, my life is very embarrassing and sometimes painful) this past weekend. My pops and I went up (went down?) to the beach at Santa Monica to do some people-watching and food-eating and beach-bumming for the heck of it. Because I am Avery, I wore purple fishnets under my shorts and also because I am Avery, and because I am irresponsible and rebellious, I chose not to wear sunblock anywhere on me except for my arms.

Eight hours and one crepe later, and I had a bright red sunburn on my neck and chest and also suspiciously on one elbow, because I must have not been thorough enough with the arm-sunscreen job I did earlier. And I was like: "No big deal. People get sunburns on their necks all the time, it's normal." So I bought some bright blue aloe vera + menthol and went to sleep with sea salt in my hair. Next morning: I woke up to examine the damage again, and lo and behold, I'd missed one very conspicuous sunburn location. Which was, of course, up and down my legs, and criss-cross fishnet-shaped. So, it only appears that I have scales or at least a bright red, very contagious skin condition.

I've been wearing fishnets for 4 days to disguise it.

Plus hot pink lipstick yesterday to distract people.

My life is very hard.

Anyway. This post was a little meandering and a lot pointless for you, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgot about you and that I'm still alive and maybe I wanted to entertain you a little bit with the fishnet drama. But I've got some new material down here that might interest you, so I'll be working on some California-inspired posts that hopefully won't bore you to death and I might just talk about ninja-reading techniques and panic attack prevention tactics and also probably a lot (A LOT) about food. Yeah, there will definitely be something about food in there.

I hope your summer is splendid. And long. But not in a boring-long way. In a summer-long way.

Quoi d'otre?
-Avery Jalaine

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  1. Your job sounds much more interesting than mine does. It probably is.
    Mostly, I wish I was in California. Or France. Or somewhere that isn't Utah.
    I almost blogged at work yesterday, but then I didn't, because I'm paranoid. You never know when someone might walk past and see you not working.
    Anyway, post some more about your adventures in California. And remember sunscreen ;)

    Avec Amour,


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