Thursday, June 9, 2011

how i feel about shoes

These are a few (true) facts about my thoughts on shoes:

1. I love my shoes.

2. I wish I had more shoes.

3. You can judge a person's whole personality and likability based on their shoes.

4. There are always better shoes.

5. The best ones always cost the most.*

6. The best ones always get all dingy the fastest.*

7. The best ones always end in tragedy.*

8. Don't throw away any of your shoes, no matter how ugly you think they are now, because someday they'll come back in style and you'll feel very sad about losing them.

9. It sucks when everyone, including the cheerleaders and geeks and everyone in the world, catches onto your favorite new shoes and then it suddenly looks like you're some kind of trend-zombie.

10. Everyone deserves one pair of The Perfect Shoes. It just takes determination to find them.

*Not "always" true, per se. I should have said "usually", I guess.

-Avery Jalaine

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  1. I'm wearing green Crocs. Please don't hate me.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.