Sunday, May 29, 2011

really rad identity theft that makes me happy and smile

It's funny when I find things that I wrote on Go Ask on other peoples' blogs. And it's funny that they pretend that they are the one that wrote it.

Not funny ha-ha.

Like, funny I-could-just-poison-them funny.

What did you think? That I don't have access to Google or something?

Oh, and I think you forgot to take my social security number and also my PIN. Silly of you. But don't fret, shoot me an email and I'll send you a copy of my birth certificate and ID and straighten this whole thing out.

"Allison", "Beech Blogger", "Xandra", and others: this one's for you. Have fun with your hate mail.

Bitterly yours.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Oh, no! This is a travesty. I wish I could say that it was unthinkable that someone out there would try to pass off your beautiful prose as their own without giving credit to the mind through which it flows.

    I'll buy them a spiffy pair of quotations marks so this never happens again.

  2. One last thought: Don't give in to wrath. It will only darken your inner light. Love thy enemy--better yet, don't make those that cannot match your wit into enemies.

  3. Hate. It's a good thing. In the moment.

  4. A moment is too brief for anything in it to be good.
    Unless, of course, it's love or kindness.
    A moment of kindness--a sincere smile or a simple expression of gratitude--is the fuel that gets some people through the day.
    They store it up in their hearts as treasure, and become the wealthiest of kings. They spread it as largesse to the hungry, for they know how it feels to be empty.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.