Friday, May 20, 2011

i guess you had to be there

There were a couple things that I laughed at a lot today.


"I guess we're going to pull a Jonah."

"Can I see your abs?"

"I got frustrated and killed a baby."

"The power of Harry Potter is with her."

"I guess I didn't realize that you could control the weather and also my mind."

"You're making me mad. I'm going to listen to Bright Eyes now."


Ronald Weasley, where have you been?!"

"Nihilism. And does that word come from the Nile River?"

"So, meh. I mean, meh."

"How mad do I get when I go to the store trying to find the biggest size only to find that the biggest sizes are all sold out. Some skinny cool kid brought them all. Get your own size!"

"Just a little lighthearted vandalism, felonies for fun, the usual."

"The word 'pythagorean' doesn't mean 'pretentious'. It's math language and don't try to trick me with some kind of huge vocabulary. I'll win."

"I thought we were friends but he was actually waving at some pretty girl."

"My alarm wasn't going off and I thought, what can I do about this? So I hit the alarm clock really hard and then it turned on."

"It's called destiny and yours is to be a garbage man."

And these:

Male-only tickle fights.

Battery-powered airplane toys.

This one girl running to the bus.

This one girl sitting on a scooter in traffic, in the rain.

This one girl mouthing the words to the song I was listening to on the radio in the car.

The scientific method.

A kidney punch that would make you bleed pee (but I laugh at that one every day).

Head shapes/sizes.

Knitting needles, and thus, balloons.

The scent of dry-erase markers in the morning.


Newborn puppies.

It might have just been one of those days.

Don't wait up.

-Avery Jalaine


  1. But you know, yeah, you know? Yeah.
    (A conversation I had with my dad after prayers this evening.)

  2. "I haven't been a power-hitter since they took away the Tee."

    "If we were French, we'd say 'I have hunger'."

    "He calls her Sis. Boom bah."

    (Oh, how very witty we are.)

  3. oh you forgot
    mouthing "i love you" and "jonah!"
    at jonah durtschi

  4. I came back to this post just to tell you the following: "If you eat any more of my lunch, I will feed yours to pigeons."


Oh thanks. You're pretty.