Friday, April 8, 2011

upsides & downsides

Downside: If you didn't already know it, Borders Bookstore is bankrupt. It's going out of business. All those books. This tragedy seemed to be a personal attack directly on me, but in hindsight I'm sure that corporate America wasn't actually targeting little ol' me. (Corporate America: "Oh, and let's do away with Borders Bookstore because it makes Avery happy. Yeah, gotta go.") But that's what it felt like. So. That's extremely sad.

Upside: As you may have encountered with past bankruptcies, there is a certain grace period in the last days of the store when EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! and things are marked down to CLOSE-OUT PRICES!!! as low as 60% 70% 80% OFF!!! It's a beautiful thing to see a bookshelf with an 80% mark-down sign floating above it. Oh, and also DVD's. And CD's. And cards, but it's not like I cared about those. Even the furniture was for sale. After getting a few crippling armfuls of books that I had to spread out all across a single table, I narrowed it down to ten or fifteen. And some CD's. (And the movie Paper Hearts, but that was futile because I don't actually have a Blu-Ray player. Rats.) But then I settled on six things because my mum was threatening my life. But still. Books sales. A dream. A glorious, miraculous, wondrous dream. I shed a few tears, broke my wrists from carrying so many books. It's fine.

I can't keep my own secrets.

-Avery Jalaine

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