Wednesday, April 20, 2011

but she was wearing some classy boots

Somehow I ended up as a girl doomed to constant embarrassment.

I don't really know how that happened.

I'm pretty sure that when I was up in heaven deciding how I would spend my teenage years I wasn't like, "Oh, what I want to do in high school is get myself into loads of awkward situations and laugh at inappropriate times and tell pointless stories and stare at everyone and have a sort of supernatural sense of the exact wrong moment to say the exact wrong thing and also accidentally lead lots of people to believe that I stalk them, oh, and also fall over frequently because all those things sound really awesome and will ultimately make my life immensely more exciting." I probably lost a bet or something. Drew the small straw. And I was like, "What? Best two out of three." But no one fell for that because they'd way rather have skin problems when they were 17 than be that girl who one time got her arm stuck in a stud-muffin boy's cardigan as he was strolling down the hall.

Also bad eyesight. How'd I get stuck with that?

Well anyway. Usually these rant-posts are spurred by something and you guessed it: I've just inflicted another round of mortification on myself.

The latest scandal has been me commenting on other kids' blogs from my Creative Writing class -- thinking I'm signed in with my anonymous pen name, like everyone else was -- but in reality, there it is: "Avery Jalaine said..." In a moment of panic I tried to delete one of my botched comments but everyone knows that's the dumbest thing I could've done because now it says "Avery Jalaine said... This comment has been deleted by the author." Oh yeah, thanks Blogger, that's really helpful. It's a thousand times worse. Oh, the shame.

So people think I'm obsessed with them. What's new? It's fine.

Oh, and pardon my dorkiness, but it just happened to me so I have to post it:
Sort of.

Sooner or later.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Ouch. Don't feel bad, I stare too.
    Like yesterday, I was sitting at the gas station while my sister paid $50 for 13 gallons (ouch again), and this guy walked into my field of vision. Well, naturally, I watched him walk into the store because I had nothing else to look at. Only he turned and saw me watching. Not so bad, really, except, when he came out I still happened to be looking in that general direction. Okay, still not that bad, right? Except when he drove away, right in front of our car, I happened to turn my head and it looked like I was totally tracking him. He nodded awkwardly at me when he drove by. So maybe it was more a case of mutual staring, but it was embarrassing all the same.
    Oh, the dangers of people-watching.

  2. Sometimes I tell stupid stories that I happen to think are really funny, and then I laugh. Then I realize no one else is laughing. And I walk away.
    The End.


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