Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wow. I just realized how immature that post was.

Secret No. 49
: I am a twelve-year-old.

Hats off.

-Avery Jalaine


  1. Avery.
    I, for one, am almost entirely elated to hear lizzie's coming back.
    I think all us kids from the 90's have a soft spot for the old disney channel shows.
    When it comes out... can we have like a 'welcome back lizzie' party sort of thing?
    I think I'd like that.

    thanks for blogging n stuff.


  2. Okay, if you're enthusiastic about Lizzie in college, that means I can be, too: score!

    Let's do that. Let's please doooo that. I have Lizzie Mcguire glitter-lipgloss from back in the day; we can, I don't know, slather it on and let it congeal?

    thanks for reading n stuff.

  3. I must say if Lizzie is coming back, I will watch every episode, because Lizzie was my favorite show of all time, and possibly still is.

  4. Rachael's in the for the Lizzie party as well!

  5. I wonder what Gordo looks like now...?


Oh thanks. You're pretty.