Saturday, March 5, 2011

wishful thinking (with cats)

Oh, how I wish that I was a cat.

If you said something that I didn't like, I'd scratch your face.

If you blew on my ears, I'd scratch your face.

If you poked me because I was accidentally sleeping on the TV remote, I'd scratch your face.

If I hated you, I'd hiss at the sight of you.

If I was tired, I'd sit down on the floor and then go to sleep there.

If I was cold and you looked warm, I'd climb up on to you and put my head in your sweater.

Oh, fascination.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Cats are my favorite animals. Because they are the best animals. No arguments there.

  2. Maybe not the best animals*--I mean, there are a lot of animals--but they're definitely the most honest. A dog will always love you, even if you're cruel, but a cat will tell it like it is.

    (*Don't tell Miss Puddin' Pop I said that. Actually, for the sake of all things smooth and snaggy, I take it back. Cats are the bestest. It might even be true.)


Oh thanks. You're pretty.