Thursday, March 17, 2011

film noir

You know when you're watching a movie and the teenage femme fatale goes skipping down a dark, foggy alley where you know that the serial killer is lurking and it's so OBVIOUS and so you have to calmly tell the girl on the TV that "You are a moron and I feel bad and everything but it's apparent that you've got no brain and quite honestly deserve to die"?

Things in movies always seem so predictable, the characters so daft for not seeing the end coming. We think that it's unrealistic, but actually it's pretty accurate. The thing is, the characters in the movie don't realize that their life is a 2D approximation of the real world, they don't understand that they are fiction:
they don't know that they're just a movie. The characters, not the actors, believe in their little reality and to them, it's life. And truthfully, in real life we never think we're going to die. It's hard to predict our own endings because life isn't typically like the movies, and the characters in them don't think that theirs are either.

You don't know if you could find your life story on a shelf labeled "Romance", so it isn't predictable when your first great love falls into your lap. You don't know if you're a horror story, a drama, a fantasy-goth-indie flick you can only find in Wichita where it was made. Everything in your story seems original and fresh, but in all reality, you could be a clich
é, a throwback straight-to-video that is so overdone no one would rent it even if it were the last DVD on earth. But to you, this is so new, everything's a surprise.

Don't judge the girl in the 1980's slasher film, because you'd go down the dark alley, too.

Keep me posted.
-Avery Jalaine

p.s. I'm going to the first-ever screening of Unicorn City tomorrow (yes, THE Unicorn City ; ; my love, my joy!) and I'm so stoked. Aaah.


  1. I think it's safe to say that I would be found on the contemporary YA shelf, which basically means that anything could happen--except werewolves, of course. Though, honetly, they only seem to complicate matters, so I won't complain.

  2. I think my life is awkward enough that I would be a bit of an indie film. Were everyone is semi-attractive in a cock-your-head-and-close-one-eye pretty way. Or they are just very lovely, but not actually sexy.

    I think my film would have a really awesome kiss or two and no shortage of awkward moments or Beatles references.

    Or maybe I just wish I was indie.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.