Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the truth about oblivion

(The Truth About Oblivion, by Avery Jalaine Taylor; courtesy of Creative Writing, A1.


And like the apocalypse, the devastation isn't apparent.

It's quiet in the air like a carbon monoxide leak, like someone is mouthing words with no voice.

It's like wet wallpaper, crawling down the wall of a falling-down house.

And so this is loneliness.

And so this is captivation.

And so this is what you get for being a little reckless when you were 16.

This is the middle, this is charm. This is a planet with no air.

So here's to hoping.

Here's to getting off this star, and going somewhere lightyears and lightyears away.

It's a bone-breaking silence. It's a war.
It's the exact opposite of the feeling that someone is watching you. It's the feeling that no one is.

This is oblivion.

This is me and my own universe without a single other soul. Me and the moon.

the end.

Oh, and I really like jazz music, you know?

Be sophisticated like me: drink peppermint tea out of over-sized mug with a mural of a pig with wings, labeled appropriately, "Cupig".
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Anonymous15.2.11

    This is beautiful.

  2. I have a really deep love for jazz music.
    One day, I'm hosting a jazz night, where we wear black

    and snap.

    and say things like 'heavy' and 'deep'.

    please consider yourself: invited

  3. *snap-snap-snap* That was heavy. And deep. I shall now go and don my black beret which is actually yellow and drink black coffee which is actually hot chocolate and wear a black sweater which is actually blue.

    PS I love flying pigs.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.