Tuesday, February 1, 2011

paper trail

((song of the day: sticks and stones by jonsi. it's icelandic love.))

Today at high school, this girl pointed to the book she was reading and asked me: "Have you read this?"

I said yes.

She said: "Does it get better in the middle?"

I said sort of.

She said: "I just can't get through it! I've had it checked out of the library for two months."

I said Oh really because I actually kind of liked it and I read it in two or three days.

And then she stared and stared and stared at me and said: "You've actually read an
entire book in two days!?!" And then I stared and stared and stared at her and eventually started laughing and couldn't really stop. And she said: "What's so funny?" and smiled like it was something she said, but I ignored her and kept laughing because What Was So Funny was that I read an entire book today. And an entire book yesterday. And one on Sunday. And one on Saturday.

She wouldn't get it.

Is it so bad to devour books?

I. Think. Not.

-Avery Jalaine


  1. I think I would've laughed too. Taking two months to read something is outlandish and entirely uncalled for. The only things that've taken me that long read are TR: The Last Romantic, which is a vastly indepth yet excellent biography on Teddy Roosevelt, and The Road by Something McCormick, but that's because I'm not actually reading it at all anymore. The writing style was very strange and I had a hard time getting into, though I do still intend to read it. Just not now. Or in the foreseeable future. But I do love that one line, "Each the others world entire." That was beautiful.

    But enough rambling!

    PS I just glanced over at your ginormous list of tags; "roahroahroah" caught my eye and I immediately thought, "...your boat, gently down the stream."

  2. Guess what? Sometimes I read an entire book in one day too. It's fine.

    PS. Your blog is lovely. :)


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