Monday, January 10, 2011

lil' bit 'o' beauty

I have a weakness for beautiful things.

If you're lovely, I will forgive you. If the snow is pretty enough, I don't mind the cold. If the sweater is so gorgeous that my heart beats faster, I'll buy it even though I didn't want to spend money that day.

And so, world, my weakness. In images. A few little tiny collections of beauty (at least in my opinion), and a little slip of my soul. If you've got a beautiful mind, I will love you.

Art. As the daughter of two artists, I'm so inclined. My favorite is pop-art, and quirky, surrealism.

Typewriters. They're gorgeous and timeless and perfect. Oh! I've haven't even told you about my delightful, gorgeous Christmas typewriter yet! More to come. Plus pictures.

Words. And in correlation with words, books & writing. This is my soul. This is my very existence.
Tights. Actually, I love them.

People. In honor of beautiful people, I have two of my favorite beauties, two people who are exquisite. Gaspard is French (of course of course). Zooey is American, but she could say she was British and I'd believe her.

Gaspard: I will marry you. (Gaspard: je vais vous ├ępouser.)
-Avery Jalaine

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  1. This is why you are my best friend in the world. I have stories for you.

    Text me.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.