Saturday, January 8, 2011

a few people who i am

I am my mother's daughter because of all my reactions.

I am my brother's sister because I obsess.

I am my father's daughter because I laugh so hard.

I am my grandfather's granddaughter because I pretend that it never happened.

I am my friends' friend because I am depressed at the same time.

I am my neighbor's neighbor because I pray about him.

I am my enemy's friend because I feel bad about her.

I am my (fake) lover's (fake) lover because I know about all of that stuff, too.

I am my greatest fear's greatest fear because it's starting to get old.

I am my success's slow death because sometimes I like to make myself miserable.

I am a whole lot of people who I'm not, but I wouldn't be this same person without most of them. I am a contradiction.

Tell them I'm far away now; living my dream.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. I am my aunt's niece because I won't ask straight out.

    I am my sisters sister because I won't budge.

    Ferris Bueller is Camron's Cat in a Hat.

  2. I am Avery's friend Avery's friend cause I adore her.

    Plus, we both like PASSION PIT.

  3. Avery, avery, avery.

    I need to tell you that I think this post is REALLY good.

    You are a very exceptional person.



Oh thanks. You're pretty.