Saturday, January 15, 2011

Every time I murder my weekends with books, I feel kind of guilty.

But, oh well, because I brushed up on my knowledge of 1970's society within a madhouse and also learned about how to time travel, which will be good to know for the future (so much pun intended).

Also, I unearthed a super book blog that's giving away Outside In (a book that I've been wanting for weeks) plus 2 others! Huzzah for book giveaways!

And that's all. Except for that it's Saturday (I will not kill it by reading all day/night long) and it's also a 3-day weekend (and we deserve it) and term is over (and I could cry/die of relief) and I haven't spent money or played with my gurlzzz or worn red lipstick in what seems like centuries (that is a blatant lie: I wore red lipstick to church last week). Hip hip hurray!

Oh, don't you know how I already know?
-Avery Jalaine

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  1. Don't feel bad; three day weekends are meant to be read away. Unless it's spring or fall (I omit summer, because you, being of school age, are still privileged to have two months of vacation. Unless, of course, you're unfortunate enough to attend a year-round school, in which case you have my deepest condolences. Now what was I saying? Oh, yes...), then you should be doing something adventurous and outdoorsy like kayaking or rock climbing or hiking. Or at least eating outdoors.


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