Wednesday, December 1, 2010

coulda shoulda woulda

Today my posting capabilities turned out to be really shabby.

My first try on this post was all about having my cheek numbed at the dentist. It was weird to smile and chew things. That's all that happened. There was a lot of comic potential, but I wasted it, apparently.

The second draft was a heated debate of what Middle Ages-themed hairstyle I should do on myself for singing in Madrigal this coming week. Options were..

Heidi braids. I'm a huge fan. I like to wear them around the house and to church, but I haven't flaunted them at school yet, based on my usual lack of hair-do time in the mornings.

Or.. Loop braids. The last time I wore these babies was picture day in 5th grade. Sexy, basically.

But the hair-do debate got too heated so I had to think of something else.

So then after that I got really obsessed with Harry Potter and spent most of my life lurking on Tumblr and clogging my hard drive with clever/fan girl HP7 memorabilia that I found intriguing. Obviously, that was out the door after I took a moment to think things through (like, if I still wanted any blog followers or not).

But here's a quick preview...

To tell you the truth: this post is going nowhere. This is the end of it. This was a post about all of other possible posts. It's a toss-up whether or not this one won't just be deleted and added to the list.

I'm really not so good at this blogging thing, I guess.

Most of the time, I'm making it all up.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Whoops. I accidentally deleted my comment. So here it is again:
    Well, if you did a post about Harry Potter I would read it.
    And I quite like your blog.
    But that is all I really have to say.
    See you in French Class tomorrow :)

    PS. I am going to Madrigal tomorrow! I didn't know you were in it!


Oh thanks. You're pretty.