Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Post

Christmas has crept up on me.

I saw it coming in November, but then the next day it was less than a week away, and here I am: unprepared for it. I think it's the rainy weather that's throwing me off. And the fact that there's no tree up, for fear that the kitten might wreak havoc on it.

I still have Christmas shopping to do, but this year I'm uncertain about what I should be looking for. It's all very unorganized. This time next week, the day will already be a thing of the past. Odd.

I thought I knew what I wanted this year, but upon being asked, my mind was blank. It's very unlike me, because usually I'm generally pretty greedy.

Christmas used to take forever to come, a single year could stretch out for an eternity; and then the month of December itself! It was torture!

But now, Christmases come fast and hard, they mark the end of each year like a punch (a pleasant sort of punch that I look forward to, no doubt). Now Christmases freak me out because they're all so close together, I hardly have time to grow at all in between them.

I get really melancholy on Christmas, at nighttime. Usually I cry. I don't really understand why. I think it's just the fact that it's this one day that I've been saving up for a whole year, and in 24 tiny hours, it's over. So at night, when everyone is going to bed and putting Christmas away, I cry simply because it's over. This exact same day won't ever exist again.

Maybe I should cry at the end of every day then.

But oh well. I love Christmas. I love the lights and the frostiness of it; I love caroling loudly as me and Brianne and Katie drive home from school with the windows rolled down; I love the dress code: all sweaters and mittens and hats; I love the look of Christmas on people's faces, pink from cold, all glowing from holiday anxiety; I love the lessons on Sundays and singing Christmas hymns; I love the Santas outside of Wal-Mart ringing bells; I love Hallmark Movie Channel specials that are really awful actually; I love gifts and giving them (really); I love nativity sets; I love the feeling that it's coming soon; I love the very taste: peppermint and spiced things, chocolate definitely; I love
It's A Wonderful Life; I love Christmas Eve; I love white elephant parties; I love the snow (just this once); and I love people around Christmas, they're nice.

I adore Christmas, really. It's so loved and reckless and fragile. It's so kind.

And here's a quick Christmas story, to tide you over:
Someone drew a picture of Harry and Ron on the whiteboard in the choir room at school. Ron was wearing his "R" sweater from the good ol' days in HP1. He was also shouting "Happy Christmas, Harry!" I can't say why, but me and my friend Christina couldn't contain our laughter.


-Avery Jalaine

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  1. Here's something that might cheer you up: Christmas is actually a 12 day season, hence the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas". It starts on Christmas Day and goes until Jan 9th. So technically, it doesn't end till this Saturday. You still have a few days to belt out those carols and hug people for no reason and wear novelty sweaters and all that.
    The thing I miss the most when Christmas is over is the kindness people seem to pack away along with the tree trimmings. We should all strive to be as nice to people, family and strangers and charities, as we are in the days leading up to Christmas.
    Anyhoo, merry Christ-Mass, Avery!


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