Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh, thanks

Yesterday was a dud. I was ill. I mainly moped around in shockingly pink jammies and slept for hours that were unheard of, even for me. (Fifteen and a half, mind you.) I think I ate some pie crust.

But today is Thanksgiving and I am better and oh-so-fine and I made you a list of things that I'm thankful for, just on principle.

  1. My little family.
  2. Fingers.
  3. The sound of the letter "V".
  4. Crushed ice. For I am an addict.
  5. The color silver.
  6. Sweaters. Preferably ugly. Preferably itchy.
  7. The smell of old books.
  8. Long eyelashes on boys.
  9. Calculators.
  10. Furry slippers that are cheetah or maybe Hello Kitty.
  11. Toothpaste.
  12. The clearance rack.
  13. Sleeping in past noon.
  14. Erasers.
  15. Words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words.
  16. Fruit leather.
  17. Electric blankets.
  18. Really good music. I can't describe it.
  19. Mittens.
  20. Books with hard covers.
  21. Clocks without digital numbers so that stupid people can't tell time.
  22. Seeing the stars.
  23. Samples at the grocery store,
  24. iTunes.
  25. The Land Rover.
  26. The smell of vanilla extract in a bottle.
  27. Rubber gloves for washing dishes.
  28. People who can fix computers.
  29. Being so cold that your fingernails turn purple, then jumping in a hot hot shower and letting it sting.
  30. Cellphone service in the 800 hall.
  31. Eddie.
  32. The SNOOZE button.
  33. Sweet potato fries, that count as a vegetable.
  34. Go Ask Avery followers.
  35. Rain, rain, rain. And the smell of it.
  36. Clean sheets.
  37. Boys with raspy voices.
  38. The moon.
  39. 11:11 to make all of my dreams come true.
  40. My mom.
  41. Poetry that sounds like music.
  42. Sneaking around the house when everyone else is asleep.
  43. Three-day weekends.
  44. The feeling you get when you realize that Christmas is coming.
  45. People who speak French.
  46. Sunsets.
  47. Chapstick.
  48. Singing as loud as you can when no one is home.
  49. Weekends after really crappy weeks.
  50. The poetry of an umbrella.
  51. Getting honked at when you're walking on the road.
  52. Dylan, in the Philippines.
  53. Good techno music with good techno dance parties.
  54. The falling feeling you get when you see a pretty boy.
  55. The sound of typing on an old keyboard.
  56. New shoes.
  57. A+'s.
  58. Escalators.
  59. Waking up before the alarm clock.
  60. All my friends. And my new friends, so few and far between because I am not good at making new friends. And all of the friends that I am yet to meet. I love you. (I will love you.)

And so, that is all. I hope you have the best day ever. I hope I see you at 4 AM, in the cold, waiting in line to buy some cheap stuff, like me.

Thank you.
-Avery Jalaine

p.s. the ending of Notting Hill is quite the most adorable ending to a movie I've seen in a long long time. "Afterall... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Gaaah..!


  1. Thats my favorite movie quote ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Come on Avery, only fifteen and a half hours? Step it up! That's like, my average.

    Just kidding.

    Lists: The Ongoing Series? I like this list. I am thankful for you and your wonderful words.

  3. Notting Hill:

    Greatest movie ever? Maybe.

  4. I can describe #18. Not In Love by Crystal Castles, I Know What I Am by Band of Skulls, and I've Got Friends by Manchester Orchestra. Great list! I love the color silver too, also the color sparkle which, technically, is all the colors, kind of like white but better. Like hyper space white. Or galactic supernova white. Love your blog, BTW. :)


Oh thanks. You're pretty.