Monday, November 15, 2010

it might not even come true

This is a post designed to make me appear to be busy at English homework when my mother walks by. But really I'm just stalking blogs and the music from all of them is playing over the top of of each other and it's amusing to me.

I guess I could give you a little bit of bad-Avery-insight so that you might feel like you didn't waste all of your time here.

Here it is:
You're never going to understand the universe or God or people, but never stop trying to understand. Learn. Have faith.

2010, and feeling fine. Don't quit on me now.
-Avery Jalaine

p.s. I have a lot of frustration inside of me because no matter how nimbly I Google, I cannot find sheet music for Dead End by The Format. No sheet music = no singing Dead End at concert. No Dead End at concert = sadness. Sadness = ice cream binge. Ice cream = obesity. Obesity = low self-esteem and heart failure. Look! Look where having no sheet music on Google got me! I'm going to die and have no friends!

I hate you, Google.

Just kidding. You're my best friend.


  1. Avery, as much as you would like to call it "bad-Avery-insight," it was far from bad.

    In fact, it was probably divine intervention that informed you to write that. Because I need to hear the bit about never understanding God and people.

    Thank you, Avery.

  2. Anonymous15.11.10

    Sorry to say that I have no idea where to get sheet music for Dead End, I'm quite uplifted by the fact that you listen to them. Just thought I'd share.

  3. Holy heck I was just listening to your playlist and I heard Brand New Key come on and rejoiced because I heard it like two days ago and I kept meaning to tell you about it and discuss it's awesomeness. Then it sprang up here and you already have it! I love it so.

  4. Sorry about Sunday... Everyone thinks that I'm anti-christ now... Frick. Why'd I overthink it?

  5. Hey Avery,
    Your friend Zack, told me you guys were twins.
    I believed him.
    But I'm not sure why.
    So anyways that's all.
    This post post made me laugh by the way!
    Good Work!

  6. Excellent and brillaint insight concerning the nature of God and man! Every time I think I have a handle on God (or man, for that matter) I learn that I am far from right. God's just too big for our limited conscience to comprehend, and man is too self-centered to give us a hint.
    BTW, if you're wondering why I'm commenting so much today on so many random and old posts, it is because I am browsing the awesome pictures on your blog with the hopes of finding a new profile pic. Call me a poser, but the truth is this: you have great taste! Hope you don't mind. ;)


Oh thanks. You're pretty.