Monday, November 22, 2010

i'm back

Hi guys, remember me?

So.... my keyboard's been gone for the past week. Made my life real fun. I actually got to copy and paste every single letter that I wanted to type and/or try to click on enough random links that I got where I wanted to be. I felt like it built a lot of character.

I did try and write you one blog post but it turned out to be this:

hi. my keyBoard is goNe. haha.
-Avery Jalaine

So it actually wasn't really worth it.

Also, here is a short story that happened today: Ms Dalton (you know..) called me today at my house. And I was like "Yaaaaaay!!" But really she just wanted to politely accuse me of plagiarizing a dream I wrote, on account of it sounding " some lyrics of... music? or some... poem?". This made me a little bit glad (if she thought it sounded plagiarized, it must've been at least a little bit pretty) but mostly annoyed (why would I plagiarize a dream story? I'm not so dim...). Truth: I did not plagiarize it, Ms D.

Okay, okay. I'll write a better post later probably. Maybe one about my weekend adventure or my devotion to learning how to knit.

Or maybe about when I went to see Harry Potter 7 and adored it and wanted a Time Turner really really badly.


-Avery Jalaine


  1. Writing sans keyboard sounds like an excellent means of building character. I will not, however, be trying it. My character is built up sufficeintly by having to stare down and instruct 11 teenagers every Sunday from noon to 1:15 (I teach Sunday school). I've always been a fraid of teens, even when I was one, which wasn't that long ago (I'm 23).
    I loved HP 7! It was the best one yet, in my opinion. 1-4 were really good, but 5 and 6 were kind of a waste. They looked great, but the story was watered down.

  2. Haa, unless your keyboard is in the shop and you have no other means of obtaining another one, I don't recommend it. I love your comments!

    I agree completely. In fact, "It was the best one yet, in my opinion. 1-4 were really good, but 5 and 6 were kind of a waste" might even be a direct quote from my mind. Can't wait for HP7 part 2..


Oh thanks. You're pretty.