Saturday, November 13, 2010

tell me all about it

I can't really remember what people without blogs do in their spare time.

Does it have something to do with papier-mâché?

How can i explain?
-Avery J

Song of the Day: Animal Crackers by Melanie Safka. I cannot tell you how hard I laugh. Melanie Safka, you silly lady. And now you can listen for yourself on my brand new..... PLAYLIST! A few songs of which were admittedly stolen from Rachel... but spiffy, yeah? It's playing right now, isn't it? Turn up your music. This is so cool.



  1. I've been waiting for the day you'd put some music up. You have not disappointed me once in our whole month(ish) of friendship. I like you more and more with every impeccably true think you say.

    Thank you for your time, and posts.

  2. Yay! I did a happy dance upon reading this post.

    Same music on our blogs, same hair color, same somewhat fake cat obsessions; how come we're not best friends yet?

    We need to work on that whole best friends thing.

    Some of that music I'm mad at you for beating me at putting it up. Seriously, same exact songs I just hadn't added yet. I keep going through it and freaking out. Your music is perfect.

    Same. Also me.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.