Saturday, November 6, 2010

the enemy

Song of the Day: Lisztomania by Phoenix (Alex Metric remix, optional). I get this song stuck in my head every day. But no worries. I like it that way. This song is brilliant.

I had this funny little realization last night.

I am afraid of normal people.

(I mean, so-called "normal" people.)

The ones at school with lots of friends and Abercrombie clothes. The ones who "hang out" on the weekend. The ones who don't go home and read a book in one afternoon or cry at pretty Iron & Wine music. The ones that don't write a blog or spend too many hours on Tumblr.

The girls with no poetic justice.
The boys who like hip-hop music off the radio.
Girls who would never lay on the floor or bring lunch to school in a sugar bag or just sit and think.
Boys who don't capitalize letters or punctuate words. Boys who don't understand poetry.
Girls who don't wear fishnets or red lipstick or polka-dot leggings or ratty sweaters a size too big. Girls who say they hate wearing dresses.
The people who would not stay up into the middle of the night so that they could watch a show about zombies.

I fear them. I can't speak to them because they think I'm strange and I think they're strange and we both just end up thinking we're so much better than each other. Give me a girl in Ray Bans and a Minnie Mouse dress, and we'd strike up a charming conversation, but a typical American Girl with highlights and expensive jeans and I'm lost.

I wish we all understood each other.

Yes, it is a shame. Be okay.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. I'm so glad that both of us love dresses and punctuation and poetic justice and red lipstick and books.

    I'm so glad we're friends.

    Last night I danced on a sidewalk in the middle of Salt Lake City and lots of people looked at me very odd and I thought, "You have yet to live."

  2. Is it cool or weird to have a favorite punctuation and/or word? Because I have both.
    And I don't know how to talk to cool kids either. Usually our conversations go like
    them "oh hey basketball&hiphop what up let's hang"
    me "meh. kbye."

  3. Not weird; I love semicolons. I feel like it's the most misunderstood of all punctuation. If the semicolon were a person, it would wear suspenders and leather AllStars. It would drink green tea without sugar because it liked it, and play checkers with old men in the park. It would wear hats without looking like an extra in a Disney movie, and know how to cook and dance.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.