Sunday, October 31, 2010

Regret (Not/Every)thing

I regret everything.

Do you know that?

I am forever thinking of something better I could have said, could have done, could have worn, could have thought of before everything happened. I dream of a Rewind button.

I regret every word I have ever said to you.

But none of it matters because I am still Avery, and so I will regret things and worry and panic, but none of it matters because it's all said and done and you will either like me. Or not. And that's not up to me. You will either be offended. Or not. You will either be blown away. Or not. You will either call me profound. Or call me naïve.

But I cannot change your mind once I've said what I've said and you hate me for it. Or you don't.

I will obsess, but don't let it keep you up at night. I've lost enough sleep for the both of us.

I regret nothing. Not one word.

Call me Avery.
very Jalaine

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