Friday, October 8, 2010

The rain is strange.

Just realized how ridiculously long that last post was.


It shall never happen again.

This is what I was thinking about today:
Do you think there was ever a moment in our new lives as babies, when we entered a rainstorm for the first time and we thought 'Water?! Falling from the sky?!' or do you think there is never a moment where we are old enough to comprehend the strangeness of a downpour?

The rain is strange.

It is because water is strange and unexplainable in an abstract way, as is the sky and space and thought at all and how fire would feel on your fingers if it weren't so hot.

The rain is strange. But I wonder if it was ever new to us.

Fairytales, fight clubs, fossils, and film.
-Avery Jalaine

P.s. two more things:

1. Tessellate by Tokyo Police Club. Listen. It's got a lot of me in it, I think.

2. Is this funny? I could not control myself.
"Never mind about all the times I let you do really fun things.

What a hoot!
Okay. The end.

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  1. I don't think rain was ever strange to us, even when we were babies. Why? Because when we were babies and were seeing rain for the first time, we were still completely trusting. We didn't think, "Oh, my, the sky is falling! Who would've thought it be so wet?" We probably would've been more like, "Oh, look! There's water coming from the sky! How splendid," and gone on to splash in a puddle or something.
    I think that must be why God made us come into the world as babies instead of as adults. If we came into the world fully grown and knowing everything (haha), we would constantly be freaking out about new things like rain or thunder or the origins of Velveeta.


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