Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big News

Guess who got Hello Kitty slipper-boots for sixteen dollars off at the Sanrio store?

Well, the answer is me.

Don't take it too hard. There'll be other Hello Kitty slipper-boot sales.

Song of the Day: Jealous Minds Think Alike by You Me at Six (new love, even if they're kinda cliché). Lyrics are kewl.

Thought of the Day: "I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe." -Dalai Lama

(NEW!) Tip of the Day: When sluffing, and attempting to get excused with a forged note; do not leave your practice notes in the commons where a school authority is likely to find them, turn them into the attendance office, and then laugh when you try to look innocent and turn in the perfected note. Because then you'll look like an idiot. And they'll laugh at you.

In other news: the Love of My Life talked to me today. On purpose. And there were other people in the hall and everything. I was embarrassing as usual, but maybe not quite so badly as sometimes. Good job, Avery. We're in love.

Also, if you haven't been over to Addy's blog yet, please do. Right now, really, go. She's basically a treasure and I love her more than myself. Plus she's found me a husband who sounds beautiful and his name is Cache, and you can't not be lovely with a name like Cache, and she posted about it here. Addy: you are such a goddess. I love you an abnormal amount.

You had me at "hello".
-Avery Jalaine

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  1. Dear Avery. No, YOU are a goddess. And yes, Cache is lovely and likes art history - and what does art history have to do with anything? Well, everything actually. Normal people don't like art history, but, you and Cache do. Plus, Cache was accepted to Yale and he's lovely and got a 36 on the ACT as a junior. I think he is lovely and perfect in every way. You deserve him.

    I love you an abnormal amount.
    All my love, Addy.


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