Thursday, October 7, 2010

And then I realized: I have way too much in common with this penguin.

Hey brothers, hey sisters.

In my opinion, this upcoming post might be my best yet. First, because none of it is my actual work. Second, because it explains a lot of key points of my life with cruel accuracy. And third, because it is hysterical and I almost died of laughter.

But also I'm kind of wondering if people who are not social lepers, and do not relate to these pictures as much as I do will actually appreciate this like I did. If you're cool or something, you'll probably be like, "what? she thinks that's funny? the idiot." at which I was saying, "this is my life! har har har."

Oh, and yes, I realize that there are at least a thousand pictures. I apologize, but everything was so funny that I did, indeed, save 29 of these images onto my computer.


Presenting... two and a half hours worth of Tumblr stalking, starring: Socially Awkward Penguin.

Dear Penguin,
I'm sorry about everything.
I love you.
Best friends forever,

Top 5, because of relation to myself. Oh well.

Okay so, that's my picture tangent of the week. I hope you thought Socially Awkward Penguin was at least a little bit funny. Otherwise, that's humiliating for me because I'm so obviously obsessed.

Today is Thursday, so... eat a pancake. Make your bed. Scream. Tell me everything.

Grow up. (not really.)
-Avery Jalaine

p.s. have you heard this song: Excuses by Morning Benders? You haven't? Okay, well, I love it. Bye.


  1. Think you're home alone while reading this, laugh at the top of your lungs obnoxiously.
    Look over to see family staring at you.
    You got me hooked.

    And strange enough, I was eating pancakes while reading this. Very good avreee.

  2. Confession: I too, have stalked your blog... I like it lots. Thank you for telling me first so I don't feel creepy. Bless your soul. :). We are friends.

    Benjamin. (you can call me Ben)

  3. I actually already knew that September 19 was Talk Like a Pirate day.
    I can one up your waving at people not wavig at you thing: I went to Mass once at a church not my own, and the priest pointed forcefully down our aisle right before Communion. Well, being the complete dork that I am, I pointed to myself and made "who, me?!" face. No, not me. He was pointing to an older lady behind me whose help he needed as a Eucharistic minister. Que blush that burns hotter than a thousand suns.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.