Monday, September 6, 2010

Thirty-Five Second Love Song

Song of the Day: West Coast by Coconut Records
Thought of the Day: "Do I dare / disturb the universe?" -TS Eliot

Sometimes I wonder about people. I wonder if they, like me, are something nondescript at school, a shy sort of somebody who does not create friction among their peers, but as they ride home in their friend's car, they undergo a metamorphosis of sorts and become something a shade lovelier, intelligent and thoughtful and at least semi-interesting.

Sometimes I'll pass someone in the halls and we really shouldn't notice each other, but then I see that they wear red shoes or have a thick notebook already halfway full or their mouth is in a halfway smile meant to be hidden, and I wonder who they are, really. It's funny that they go walking off and thinking of something that I couldn't even guess, and they saw me but I didn't stick to their mind, and as they go on down the hall and me in the opposite direction, I am still thinking of them and in a way, they are still with me. I wonder what they'd say if they knew.

They could be anyone, but what if I knew them and we were perfect for each other? Soul mates? Or even best friends. Or even just friends, but the kind that you could wave to in the hallways and talk about your family and they know your older brother's name.

I try to picture them at home, with a generic sort of mom and dad and innumerable brothers and sisters, twining around them without faces, as they do their homework, or don't, depending on what sort of person I have decided they are.

I try to conjure up a bedroom for them, and usually they listen to they same sort of music as me because usually the people I find worth wondering about look as though they might like the same music that I do.

I wonder about their handwriting, they way they dot their I's.

I wonder if they would call me something that isn't my name, maybe Roo, or maybe a nickname that is a shared joke. I wonder about their singing voice.

I wonder what car they drive and if they are the type that turns on the radio or leaves it off because they can't concentrate with it on.

I wonder about their hands, and how we'd feel, hand in hand.

I try picturing us together, and sometimes when I realize that we'll never be that: friends, best friends, soul mates; I begin to miss them. Can you miss someone that you don't know?

Go play.
-Avery Jalaine
p.s. I thought it was unendingly funny that Addy just tagged 'Roah' in one of her posts so I thought, in honor of her, I would too. For kicks.


  1. I don’t know you.
    I think I have seen you at school.
    But I stumbled across your blog somehow, and I just want to say thanks for sharing. I wonder about people too, you’re not alone:)

  2. I am pleased to announce that you have just made me eternally happy.

    And also, that I have decided to follow your blog because you are pleasantly witty and it seems that you stalk ModCloth like I do.

    Thank you.

  3. I know who you are. you're a friend of a friend. and i wonder about who you are, what makes you laugh, cause i see you laugh a lot. i LOVE this post, and have felt the same way countless times. i think we need to be friends:)

  4. I picture adults as kids.
    Like there's these two brothers at my chruch, both middle aged I guess, though I'm terrible at guessing peoples' ages, and I imagine them all the time as young teens. I imagine the older of the two defending the younger because he's a bit odd and always says the wrong the thing, and I imagine the younger of the two trying so hard to fit in that it makes tender-hearted people ache and hard-hearted people laugh.


Oh thanks. You're pretty.