Thursday, September 16, 2010

Secrets, Wishes, Metal Doors

I wonder if anyone has ever longed for me.

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Everyday my mother puts an inspirational quote in my lunch. It's very amusing and uplifting. And so, to spread the love, Katie and I stick all of my quotes into Locker #1111 everyday. Today, the owner of Locker #1111 found the quotes. He was confused.


Also today, Katie, Lorin, and I wrote dark little secrets (both fake and real) on pieces of paper and stuck them into random lockers. Secrets included "I am not a virgin", "I am in love with my best friend", and "I have psychotherapy four times a week". None of these are true. To clarify: I am a virgin, I am not in love with my best friend (unless you want to count David Adams as my best friend, and then yes, it's true), and I have psychotherapy zero days a week, even though secretly, I really do think having a therapist would be quite handy because then you could just unload all your drama on them and they are paid to not judge you or tell you that you are lame.

Also, you are allowed to put wishes in lockers 1111 and 1234 and probably 123.

It was a great day.

I like the way that you are.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. not to be creepy (even though i am), i stumbled upon your blog, and of course, had to read some. you could say i have a 'thing' for blogs. you are funny.inspirational.andmostofall.terribly interesting. i found this much better than what i expected than the 'avery' stories i have heard about. hahaha. one day i wish to write like you. keep it ^up^ please.

    post-script: i would like some of the credit for the idea of putting wishes into locker 1111 =]

  2. Ya happy? ;)

    Baha, I think I love you; you're better than my other friends. Cheers. :)

  3. Pahaha. Very happy! :)

    I know i love you ;) let's be bf's (best friends).

  4. Wish I could've slid secrets and wishes and inspirations into lockers. Sadly, I was home-schooled.


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