Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terribly sorry for posting twice in one day, but I saw this picture and found it utterly heartbreaking. I apologize if it ruins your day and makes you morbidly melancholy, but I felt the need to share it (for unfathomable reasons). It's quite tragic, innit?

Okay. That's all.
Think on it.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Anonymous11.8.10

    I love your blog! You should come see mine! I'll Follow you if you follow me!

  2. Oh, that's very generous of you and all, but seeing as you left no name, no link, and you signed as 'Anonymous', I find the task of checking out your blog fairly impossible. Talk to me if you want to clear this up.

  3. Anonymous12.8.10

    Awww so sad!

    I love your latest posts Ave! Did you really drive a car (FINALLY?!?!??) and what the heck about pepperspray? You're so funny. I love this blog.



Oh thanks. You're pretty.