Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A slight recall of my previous post...

Hello. A few items, in correlation to my last post.

First, a picture.

I think that this photo should have been paired with my last post for obvious reasons, and I couldn't stand the thought of wasting it. It's quite quaint, in my objectionable opinion.

And one more thing I'd like to clear up, just because I've already been called-out on it twice and so I think people are (once again) taking something seriously that I only meant jokingly.

Here's what I'm talking about: "
Playlist two songs for me: The Potential Breakup Song by Aly & AJ and also 7 Things by Miley Cyrus." (from my post on August 7th). It seems that a lot of people (namely two), are coming to question my taste in music. They say things like "why do you listen to such crappy pop, Avery?" or "i have lost all of the hard-earned respect i had for you, Avery" or "have you joined the Dark Side, Avery?"

While I, personally, don't see what the big deal is (I can like whatever crappy music I want to), people keep having panic attacks about it, so I'm just going to say that both those songs are yes, fairly girly and of the 'pop' genre and basically have no depth whatsoever and yes, one is performed by Miley Cyrus, but in accordance to the next sentence that I wrote ("Have a dance party."), they are in all actuality, awesome. So there. Plus also, if you're breaking up with someone, they both seem to be excellent hatin' songs.

You're welcome for this very long tangent that was meaningless and probably just made you think that I was defensive and overprotective of Miley.

Maybe I should've written a real post, instead of just elaborating on my last one with very little creativity. Okay, I've got it. Here's a picture depicting quite accurately how I feel today:
Although I just realized that I did mention watermelon more than once in my last post, so technically this isn't a new subject.

Who cares. I really like watermelon.

Be Calm.
-Avery Jalaine

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