Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lists!: The Ongoing Series

Good morning, neighbors! Now that I'm out of my gloomy era from last weekend (I shall call it my Blue Period to sound trendy like Picasso), I'd like to set a new ball rolling in my blog and its name is Lists!: The Ongoing Series. (ha ha. I just linked you back to this very post. sucker.)

Basically, I've had this bizarre list-writing impulse lately (actually for most of my life. I'm a list maniac.) and so I thought I'd post some of my somewhat-interesting/not-so-embarrassing/possibly-worth-your-time lists that I think might (but probably won't) benefit you. Yay!

I think I'll just sort of sporadically post a new list here or there when I get the feeling that my expertise is vital to your well-being and/or survival.

I've already got a huge cache of random lists stored up, ranging from humiliating to rad to educational to self-pitying, and all topics, too. I've got School, Boys, Footwear, Music, Girls, Mammals, Cumulonimbus Clouds, Wishes, Pretty Things, Catcalling, Obnoxious Things, Etiquette, Seasonal Fun, and about eighty more that are more or less equally as differentiated. Oh please, contain your enthusiasm.

So anyhoo (<- I hate people who actually say that), I thought I'd kick off Lists!: The Ongoing Series (ha. did it again.) with a special list I cooked up a couple days ago in which the last week of my summer is laid out in a few simple tasks that are vital to the summer's success. Most of these are group activities (i.e. Katie, Bri, & Spot), but a few of them could be performed in my own spare time probably while wearing jammies. Here goes.

List #1 ; ; The Last Days: Summer 2010

* Sidewalk Chalk ; ; all our dreams
* Paint some shoes ; ; that sounds pretty
* Photography Day ; ; a day of photographs
* Go to an ├╝ber-ethic restaurant ; ; like Thai Village, yum
* Make cupcakes ; ; the best
* Fingernail polish ; ; colorful
* Chick-Flick Marathon! ; ; the sappiest!
* My theme music ; ; a playlist of Avery, thank you very much
* Dance party ; ; outdoors only
* Wishing ; ; balloons and stars and magic markers
* Tattoo ourselves! ; ; i'm only kidding! they're temporary!
* Go sticky-noting ; ; save someone's life
* Home-make some ice cream ; ; then eat it
* Walk to Snoasis ; ; no, i'm serious
* Wear red lipstick for 24 hours ; ; at least 6 . . .
* Thanksgiving Point ; ; $2 on Tuesday
* Attend a Farmer's Market ; ; get some produce
* Give a hobo some cash ; ; cuz we're nice like that
* Set out in the morning and have an adventure ; ; no plan, no problem
* Do some yoga ; ; empowering!
* Astronomy / Astrology ; ; stars party plus the future
* Tell a stranger our darkest secrets ; ; maybe fake ones
* Play Hotter Than Me regularly ; ; because it's amusing and beneficial all in one.
* Watch the sunrise ; ; kind of early
* Have a picnic ; ; food and things
* Get a learner's permit ; ; naaah
* Facials ; ; seawood mud mask, anyone?
* Stock up on some hip new beats ; ; music. get some.
* Find Avery a hot boyfriend ; ; oh? well i'm okay with that . . .

The sky is not falling.
-Avery Jalaine

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