Friday, August 27, 2010

List #2

Hello, dear ones.

I'm working on a back-to-school-hoopla post at the moment, but I don't really feel like finishing it right now, so I plan to save it until later so that it can be some sort of big event (just kidding). Instead, here's a list that I started a couple months ago and laughed at today, so I thought it might be good enough to post here. Get ready.

List #2 ; ; Words that Sound Funny with a Lisp

  1. "Lisp". I find it unendingly hysterical how ironic this word is. A lisper can't even say his own speech impediment with dignity. Priceless.
  2. "Mathercise". This is a word that I encountered in my Pre-Calculus class today and laughed at solidly for a good minute. And then I said it with a lisp and totally lost it.
  3. "Mississippi". The sheer number of S's says it all.
  4. "Super".
  5. "Prostitute". It just sounds really lame when you lisp it.
  6. "Sassy".
  7. "Sigh". Because instead of saying "sigh..." with a lot of longing and sadness in your voice, you just end up saying "thigh..." which is just a funny body part and no one will care that you're sad or whatever, because they're too busy laughing about you saying "thigh" randomly.
  8. "Single". That's what you are if you have a lisp. Sorry. (*read: 'thorry'.)

And that's all I've got so far. If you think of any great words that sound funny with a lisp, please tell me so that I can add them.

Now go have fun.

Afterall, it is the weekend.
-Avery Jalaine


  1. Why the heck are you so funny? Did you get my little voicemail today? All my love,

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  3. c: Good one. But who are you?


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