Friday, July 30, 2010

Song of the Day: Caring is Creepy by The Shins

A short list of things that I am not looking forward to. In fact, I quite dread the very thought of them.

  1. Going back to high school.
  2. Doing my summer Honors English packet.
  3. Singing Vaccai.
  4. Pre-Calculus.
  5. Driver's Ed + road + range. If I ever get my learner's permit.
  6. Getting my learner's permit.
  7. Alien invasions.
Okay. Just wanted you to know. I'll have you take into account that every item on my list is related to high school, singing Vaccai and aliens aside.

Also, I wore some glasses with zebra-striped lenses. They were funny.

I like the way that you are.

-Avery Jalaine
p.s. I found some fishnets today. Yes.

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  1. Anonymous31.7.10

    Ha ha ha ha what's the deal with fishnets? Maybe I'll get you some for your birthday. :D

    You're funny. keep posting.

    <3 sarah


Oh thanks. You're pretty.