Thursday, July 1, 2010

Proof Copy. Check.

Thought of the Day: Dream an inch bigger.
Song of the Day: Big City Dreams by Never Shout Never

La la la la la la la. Hi.

So yesterday was my novel deadline. I got home from set and was like "waaaah. tired." and was about to lie down and take a nice ol' nappy (I only got 1.5 hours of sleep on account of Eclipse at 3:15 AM. Ylagg.) but then I was like.... "Oh. Crap." and I sprinted upstairs and broke out every single file containing the word 'novel' on my hard drive. Yikes.


I FINISHED!!! (Hip hip.. hurray!) At approximately 11:37 PM last night, I hit "submit" and the deal was sealed. Yay! Now, don't be ├╝berproud of me just yet. I totally didn't finish-finish the novel, it's far from the proper ending or the whole story. But I found a mildly crappy place to end where I felt like it'd be okay to stop, plus I got two rad covers done that make me super joyful. The layout is hardly perfect since I only had a couple hours to frantically create it, and I'll bet you twenty bucks that there's at least a billion typos and crappy scenes in that thing since I've just been doing mad writing lately instead of careful, good writing. We'll have to see what happens with that thing. I probably won't actually let anyone read it, they can just look at the cover (WITH MY NAME ON IT!!) and admire me.

Here's the thing though: the editors have to do a 24-48 hour review of the content (to make sure I'm not plagiarizing, whatever) and formatting, so I'm scared that even though I did submit it by the 30th, they'll disqualify my novel since it wasn't completely reviewed and everything by then. I'm super afraid that I was too late. I wrote an email, hopefully they'll love me and take pity on me or something. Pray for me.

I'll keep you updated.

Also, I feel like showing you the covers that I helped format. I hope you don't think I'm super lame.

Cover #1
This one gets cut off from about the girl's shoulder over.

Cover #2
The tips of the wings are cut off a little bit, so that the wording is more centered.

You like?

Go take a nap for me. I love you.
-Avery Jalaine

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