Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Last Day on Set at Unicorn City

Thought of the Day: "You would all give up your honor for orcs and pancakes!" -Voss
Song of the Day: Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

Last day on set. How do I feel about it?

On one hand, it's an immense relief. I'm sick and tired of waking up at 6:00 AM and getting dirty and exhausted and sweating profusely. I'm not going to miss being sunburned or having to carry around heavy objects or even just standing around in the hot shade for two hours with nothing to do. I will certainly NOT miss holding umbrellas over actors heads until your arm muscles shrivel up and disintegrate and you die of misery.

And then there are a hundred thousand things that I'm going to miss terribly. I'm going to miss the quirky little sets, and all of my hang-outs that I established in them. I'm going to miss the long days I earned from waking up so early. I'm going to miss the little busy tasks that I was assigned, like setting out bowls of salad and croutons, fetching water bottles, or carrying around trays of snacks for the crew. I'm going to miss our funny movie slang, all strange words and weird abbreviations. I'm going to miss crafty. I'm going to miss my annoying radio hurting my ear. I'm going to miss finding out what cool food place we went to get lunch from. I'm going to miss having this super cool job where when people say "what have you been doing this summer?" I actually have an awesome way to respond.

I'm going to miss everyone. Everyone. Ashley, Stephen, Ty, Darren, and Tim, who I worked with the most closely and spent the most time with. The funny crew guys whose jobs I wasn't ever really sure of, that made me laugh and laugh and laugh: JP, Scott, Unice, Jordan, A. Todd, Justin, Bar, James, Karrati, Will, David Thorpe, Brandon, Bald-Man, and some more that I'll probably think of later. Byron, who let me SLATE!!! The make-up and wardrobe girls. The extras that I adored: Jake, Seanna, Rachel, Weston, Dash, Robbie, James, Bryce, and Sean. Matt Mattson aka Clancy, who was the funniest and nicest cast member. The rest of the cast who was funny and nice, just not AS funny and nice as Matt: Devin, Nikelas, Jaclyn, Clint, Missy, Emily, Kevin, and Steve. AKA Voss, Moonstrider, Marsha, Rhubarb, Angie, Tearsumina, Jeff, and Pat. And the most epic comedy villain ever: Jon Gries who played Shadowhawk (we were super terrified of him when he first came to set because he was, you know, famous, but it turned out that he was incredibly awesome and really really really nice). I'll never forget our boyfriends "Rutherford" and "Bob". Jon rocks. Adrian, well, of course he's awesome, but I'll still see him at church. Probably. :) Bryan was awesome, as was his wife Tandi. I'll miss everyone. I hope we stay in touch, and I look forward to seeing them at the premier. Love you guys!

There are a lot of stories that I should tell, because everything was amazing. But I feel drained (and I feel like this post is going out to a lot of people who are never going to read this) and so all I can say is: Unicorn City was a terrific experience, it was seriously amazing. It's going to be funny and smart (smart in a stupid way), and you should all go run to see it when it comes out in theaters. I'll talk more about it later, but all I can say is: Thank you.

Keep your eyes open 'cause the world is pretty.
-Avery Jalaine

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