Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Summer of L-O-V-E

Thought of the Day: " First love is a little foolish and a lot of curiosity. " -George Bernard Shaw
Song of the Day: When We First Met by Hellogoodbye <3

Katie said it first. She named it and everything.

The Summer of LOVE. It's official.

So, the rules of this summer are simply this:

1) Love someone new, someone lovely. Find romance. Fall in love.
2) Love your friends. Be together.
3) Love your family. Love your mom.
4) Love the summer. The sunshine, the heat, the tan-lines you get.
5) Love time. Spend it well.
6) Love life. Love everything about it because it's going fast. No regrets.
7) Love yourself. You're lovely and brilliant and gorgeous and incredible and perfect.

And that's it. The main emphasis---of course---is falling in love.

The only problem is... how does one fall in love? I mean, I've seen it happen. I've watched all the chick flicks, I've read as much crappy teen romance as you have (admit it!). But how do you walk around and fall in love? I think I'm too shy to ever fall in love. I can talk to girls. I can talk to adults. I can talk to geeks. But once a pretty boy walks up I get all stressed out and tongue-tied and concentrate really hard on saying something that will make him be like "I love her", which is dumb because then I just end up silent or say something really really really lame or scandalous or forward and instead of being like "love" they're like "...weird..." I suppose I'm doomed to a loveless existence. Okay. :(

I'm scared of when my friends all go off this summer and find boyfriends without me.

It's obvious Bri is going to fall in love sooner or later. She's too cute, some ultra-hot boy is going to fall in love with her and they'll be one of those grossly cute couples that are together 24/7 and are basically married. He'll worship her and she'll get to make him do things like buy her smoothies and carry her jacket. The downside of that is that he'll probably steal her away from us.
Katie's in denial right now. She's all, "I don't like Jacob Barton. Waaah." And we're like, "Get over yourself, Kathryn." Jake's basically perfect so she's a loser if she doesn't like him. I'm still hoping she'll admit that she's secretly in love with Gabe. It's so obvious.

Juliana will probably fall in love with Nate. If she hasn't already. (We're on to you!)

Me, I'll probably fall in love with some adorable/lame geek like always. He'll be 1000% out of my league, doesn't know that I'm alive, and to make things even lamer, he'll probably be totally taken. Do I have to sit around at home while everyone goes out on really heinous double dates? That'll be boring. If everyone else finds love this summer except for me I bet I'll have to do something drastic just to get attention like turn bulimic or start cutting my wrists or something. Gag. Not really.

I'm supposed to be positive about this, right? The Summer of Love. I wish I could, like, order a perfect boy over the internet without it being some sort of prostitution. :\

But wouldn't this be the perfect summer for it? I'm finally 16 (doo da doo, it's not even a big deal). It'd be the perfect summer romance, something to write about. I mean, I'm lame enough (the girls in books are always super shy and all about books. That's so me). Never been kissed. We'll have to meet and hate each other, that's always my favorite way to fall in love. Then we'll go on some adventure and eventually admit that we love each other and girls will be really jealous of me. We'll have some kind of tragedy that almost ends in breaking up but our love will be strong enough and we'll get back together. It'll be a very cliché romance. He might as well be a vampire at this point.

I fall in love easily. I see a boy---pretty, smart, a little bit sad and poetic and musical---and I always think that we're meant to be. Finding out that they have flaws is hard for me. I hope this summer will be different.

All I'm saying is, since it's got a name and everything, it'd better be one good summer.

I love you, I love you, I love you. And somewhere out there, there's a perfect person, and whoever you are: I love you.

I hope you find love. Wish me luck (wish me love).
-Avery Jalaine

(sorry this post was so long and pointless and lame.)


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  2. Props girl! :D

    I don't like Jake Barton. Or Gabe.


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