Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Hectic Summer Life of Avery Jalaine Taylor

Thought of the Day: " I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it." -Jack Handey
Song of the Day: No You Girls by Franz Ferdinand

As it is summer, I'm feeling sort of irritated because I'm finding it very very hard to be lazy. Actually, most of my busyness is pretty fun/good for me, so it hasn't made me too angry, but lately I have been wanting to just sit around with Katie, Juliana, and Briannie. Also, it's making me feel like "wtf summer is practically over" and that's übersad because it's June 16th and I haven't even done anything super summer-fied besides oversleep and not get out of my jammies until 5 pm. I'm such a loser.

But here, as of late, is what I've been up to:

  • I went to THE Teen Writers Conference 2010 on June 5th. I felt like some sort of ultra-responsible superteen because it was held at Weber State and we got name cards and syllabuses (!!!) and we sat at conference tables and took notes. I'm such a 100% geek that I totally adored it, all of the notes we took and the nerd-speak we used. And then I felt all enlightened by all of the crazy-smart writers and authors there, when I got home all I wanted to do was write and tell everyone all of my findings even though no one cared. One downside was that I hated like 99% of the people there, just based on the 9 hours I spent with them. Writers generally suck. I mean, I'm a total writing-geek and I feel like a traitor saying it, but they're so weird. I hate being around them. (That's what people probably say about me. Whatever.) On the plus side, I was hotter than almost everyone there except that wasn't that big of an accomplishment.. heh heh. Anyway, it was awesome. Plus I got to talk to Lisa Mangum, the author of The Hourglass Door, one of my favorite books. Yay. She's phenomenal.
  • Girls' Camp was last week, Tuesday to Friday. We went to Moab. Fun, right? Wrong. Well, not really, the camp itself should've been incredible, the leaders did a fabulous job planning it. I was just in the worst mood I've ever been (pms... :< ) and so I completely loathed all of my friends. At one point I got mad at Katie and tried putting sand in her pants. Also I scared the beehives a lot by telling them to shut up and that I wished they were dead. Plus my scalp got all sunburned and sting-y and it was 1000˚ up there and I kept wanting to rip off my own skin to escape the heat (even though that wouldn't even have been helpful). Plus there were 100-mile-an-hour winds that blew sand everywhere – eyes, teeth, tents, sleeping bags, food, mess kits, hair, dignity, happiness-glands, shoes – and made us all really sad and frustrated and even brattier. ("Shut up!" "No, you shut up!" "I hate you!" "I hate the sand and everything!" *cat fight ensues*) But there were fun parts too. The river-rafting trip was nice (even though a bunch of boyz from school showed up looking all tan and shirtless while we looked all sandy and sunburned) plus we got to flirt with a hottie river guide and eat white-bread sandwiches (yaay). I got chocolate-covered pretzels that made everything better. I love Natty, Sarah, and Lauren.
  • My novel is due for proof-publishing June 30th and I'm terrified I'm not going to get it finished. Seriously, I'm way under-progress and supersuper sad that I might not meet my deadline. I should totally be writing it right now but I'm lazy and I have writers block and my head sort of hurts. Pray for me.
  • Me and Bri and Katie and Juliana are going to a 3:15 AM showing of Eclipse on the 30th. I'm going to be either really irritable or really hyper/annoying or plain old dead by then. We'll see how everyone reacts to one another. (Cat fights? Group therapy session? Mass suicide?)
  • Dylan got his mission call!!!! He's serving in the Philippines Cebu Mission, speaking Cebuano! Yaaaaay! We're all superawesomeexcited about the whole ordeal, except we're sad that he's leaving for 2 years (heading off to the MTC on Aug. 25th, the first day of high school for me). I'm still disappointed that he didn't go to Pocatello, Idaho. ;)
  • Last night we have some dance party in Juliana's garage with Juliana's 10-year-old brother Lucas and his friend Adam, who happens to be Bentley Rawle's brother, who happens to wish that I was dead, and who also happens to be one of the tan, shirtless boys from the Moab trip. I discovered that I am a lot more comfortable dancing with 5th graders than boys my own age. Pathetic, Avery.
  • Unicorn City begins filming June 21st! (Dylan's birthday) It's a movie written by my (incredibly amusing) Sunday school teacher, Adrian Lefler. From what we've heard (quite a bit) it sounds hilarious, kind of the same humor as, like, Nacho Libre or Napoleon Dynamite (but different, just kind of pathetic people and sarcasm...) It's about some gamer utopia based off of some role playing nerd game. :) Yay. I'm so excited. Our whole class gets to be extras in it, and dress up in lame/awesome costumes. Also, I had to turn down an offer to be a Production Assistant on the movie (sad) but I hope that I still get to help out. I emailed Brutha Lefler back just barely and I'm yet to get a response. You'd better go see it in theaters.
  • I'm yet to fall in love.
  • The best sno-cone flavor at Snoasis is Wedding Cake & Piña Colada w/cream. Just saying.
And that's my summer so far. We'll see where it all takes me. Right now I'm just focusing on my novel (still untitled... help?) and hoping I finish it sort of acceptably. I'll keep you updated.

Have a good day. Go outside. Drink some juice.
-Avery Jalaine

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